About Jeeva Health

Jeeva Health is established to promote health naturally through Ayurvedic Medicine and Yoga in Australia. Ayurveda has been developed by several generations of Acharya’s (Physician Saints) and Ayurvedic practitioners (Vaidhya’s). The main aim of Jeeva health is to strictly follow the principles of Ayurvedic philosophy,

Private Health Insurance

Jeeva health now accepts all the private health insurances. We have fully installed HICAPS in all the locations to claim the health funds on the spot. We do offer neuroptherapy and counseling in both the Melbourne CBD and Surrey Hills locations.

For all naturopathy and Ayurvedic services please contact Jeeva Health on 03 99399474

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Our Practitioner

Mr. Kumar CRS

BAMS ( Gold Medallist), MPH, MHP
Consultant Ayurvedic practitioner and Naturopath Jeeva Health PTY LTD

C.R.S. Kumar is a well qualified Ayurvedic physician and Panchakarma specialist. Expertise in treating wide range of ailments through Ayurvedic constitutional medicines and clinical treatments such…. [read more]

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