healing through ayurveda

Ayurveda is not just about herbal herbs. Ayurveda is acutaklly a Indian way of living life and goverened by what we eat, how we live, in which environment and state of our mental heal;th. Below are ways to live a life governed by Ayurvedic principles.

1. Wake up early

Ayurveda recommends everyone to wake up early in the morning before dawn. As per Ayurveda, this the purest time of a day that gives you energy to spend your rest of the day in cheerfulness. The early morning sunrays are also known to eliminate many common, health issues.

2. Honey to start your day

Honey detoxifies the body as per Ayurveda. If taken first thing in the morning, it helps to subside any bad build up that accumulated during the previous day. Make a habit of taking honey along with a pinch of salt before starting your day and live a healthy life.

Honey is a proved anti-bacterial agent.

3. Sound and adequate sleep

Sleeping sound sleep for couple of hours is important to rejuvenate and cleanse your body. Short, unsound sleep, on the other hand, disturbs the harmony of our body functioning.

Ayurveda recommends taking a warm bath before going to bed for sound sleep. In addition, essential oils like lavender and sandalwood promotes sound sleep.

4. Keep Walking

A morning walk is considered as one of the healthiest regimes under Ayurveda. Walking an hour after waking up another after dinner was the secret of the health of ancient Indian emperors.

Considered as the best form of exercise, walking provides the benefits of workout–mental, physical, and emotional health, without straining your body.

5. Daily Routine

Ayurveda recommends making a schedule of everything you are going to do during the course of a day. Stick to the plan and see the difference yourself. By bringing a healthy routine, you will not only have a better health but also a better mental and emotional state.

6. Detoxify

As per Ayurveda, our body aggregates toxins over the course. These toxins thereby cause various ailments. In order to make our body less susceptible to diseases, there toxins needs to be eliminated from our body, or, in short, our body needs detoxification.

Although those toxins can’t be nullified to zero, by eating healthy food, sticking to a healthy routine, and maintain a healthy bowel movements they can be maintained at the lowest levels in one’s body.

7. Drink Water - a lot

Drink adequate volume of water daily. Water is the best cause to level out toxins from the body and to guarantee smooth running of the digestion system.