Baby massage is a trend in India for ages. Ayurveda massage is very soothing and relaxing even for adults; however, for kids of different age groups, different patterns are followed.

Skin of a new born baby is tender, that’s why hands cannot be used during the initial days. A soft wheat dough ball is used for the first six days for a new born infant. Almond oil and little bit of turmeric is also used. Almond oil is appropriately used before wheat dough ball is rubbed on baby’s body. This pattern is followed for 6 days after the birth. Always remember that massage is given to the baby before the bath. Massage with hands shouldn’t be given to the baby, unless it turns a month old. Neck, hands, waist, back, legs should be massaged daily for the first 3 months as these body parts need to gain enough strength to bear weight of the body.

Benefits of baby massage

  • Babies who are given regular ayurvedic massage get sound sleep. They remain active and happy the entire day. It improves digestion as well.
  • Massage enhances blood circulation and removed dead skin cells which improves skin texture. It will increase resistance to skin related diseases.
  • Ayurveda massage helps bones to gain strength and bone density as well. It also helps babies gain weight.
  • It makes immunity and nervous system better.

Let's go through some popular myths about baby massage

  • Many people believe that shape of face and other features can be changed through baby massage which is a big myth because it might result in injuries and irritability
  • Ayurvedic massage can give side effects to babies is another myth. Always ensure that oil is pure and refrain from applying too much pressure. Massage doesn’t leave any side effects.

Massage will not only keep your baby hale and hearty, but also help you bond with him. Ayurveda massage is consider to be a form of ayurvedic treatment which is very effective and has no side effects on body and hence it is preffered for babies.