Balance is Health and health is balance – it is the key for better life. The perfect solution for achieving balance in health or have better life would be possible though Ayurveda. Unless, having different conventional branches to treat different parts of the body and different parts of life, mind and soul. Ayurveda will provide on step solution for the mind, body and soul.Traditionally Ayurveda states that, mind, body and soul as tripods of health, we should know how to balance them equally. Otherwise, tripod cannot stand on two legs.

Traditionally Ayurveda states that, mind, body and soul as tripods of health, we should know how to balance them equally. Otherwise, tripod cannot stand on two legs.

The answer for the balance is seems merely impossible these days, because of the nature and extent of measurements, are the quantity (Like Blood pressure reading, Blood Sugar reading, general blood tests etc) matters? or the quality. (Like optimism, keeping calm, content etc)In my view, it all seems confusing. But the ultimate answer for balance could be finding the balanced art work of your body.

Identify the imbalance

Mostly according to Ayurvedic medicine there are two main causes for the derangement of doshas, (Vital humors: responsible for bodily functions) which will cause imbalance. The two factors are external factors such as environment, change of season, and infection etc), where as the internal factors are mainly due to accumulative of toxins, which is also denoted as “AMA”. The word toxins will make lot sense in terms of explain AMA, which is responsible for most of the imbalance.

These toxins are carried by the different channels (SROTAS= Male (13) and Female (15)) by the lymph or RASA or BLOOD to all the seven tissues (DHATUS) where the toxins will accumulate and cause the imbalance.

In most of the cases the AMA is resulted due to poor digestion, which stats in stomach, may be due to lack of proper digestive fire (JATARAGNI). If the life styles of an individual at odds with the need of the individual constitution, like skip meals, eat incompatible food, eat wt wrong time, eating not suitable for you and eating excess or eating while talking or concentrating on other things- individuals vital digestive fire will be suppressed or killed. As result, food fails to digest completely and does not absorb properly.

In Ayurveda, AMA or toxins are described as sticky, foul smelling, and creates blocks in the channels (Blood vessels) and It jams the entire tissue function or cellular function. This in turn will stop the free flow of nutrients, water and blood. Finally results in symptoms ranging from uneasiness to pain, stiffness and to chronic auto immune disorders.

When and why you need an Ayurvedic Doctor

Commonly we see in our practice, clients come up with “doctor I have no issues, but I need to feel good and healthy” – Yes Ayurveda can help in this case.

The idea of seeing an Ayurvedic Expert, no need to have cold or fever – you can still get help to know how to prevent when the season changes. You can also come with wide range of symptoms or with complex rare disease condition, still Ayurvedic doctor can help.

Ultimately, Ayurveda is not just curative, it is also preventive and it is a totally a life transforming.