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Why spring is important for Cleanse According to Ayurveda?

According to Ayurveda the seasonal transitions are more prone for Doshic Vitiation, means one can easily get imbalance in their health. During the spring season the transition with weather is winter completing and summer starting. Similarly, the body would accumulate the Kapha due to winter at the same time we are going in to the summer which is Pitta season, where the accumulated Kapha will liquefies. Hence, we need to prepare the body for transition with spring time cleanse, which will help in bringing the balance and aids in smooth transition.

Spring Detox in Ayurveda

Why we need to eat based on Season?

Ayurveda recommends following seasonal routine called “Rutucharya”, when we follow according to the ayurvedic principles by adopting the diet and lifestyle recommendations that match the season, things like (“OJUS”) immunity, digestion, better absorption, and energy will improve, as the spring is coming out of winter, as Kapha predominant which is oily, cold and heavy, we need to take light, wholesome, dry and warm foods to balance the Kapha.

Seasonal Routine: An answer to the life style disorders

  • Doing Ayurvedic cleanse will be perfect way to start spring
  • Consuming warm, moist, foods that are predominant in Pungent, bitter and astringent in taste
  • Light and warm foods
  • Cooked or steam meat soups will be helpful
  • Dry Massage with herbal powders
  • Avoid sleep during the day time
  • Do not consume Yoghurt or curd during the dinner time
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