Lower back pain is very common among Australians. The direct health care burden due to lower back pain is approximately  1bn AUD with approximate 8bn AUD as an indirect expenditure.

25% of Australians are suffering from Back pain and only about half of them are seeking a professional care. It can be effectively managed in the initial stages through Ayurvedic medicine.

The number of people who suffer from chronic back pain with ongoing medication or some invasive treatments is constantly on raise  and it is alarming.

According to Ayurvedic medicine, the back pain refers to “kati soola” and sciatica refers to “Gridhrasi”, which was explained very thoroughly in Ayurvedic classical texts about the causative factors, patho-physiology and its treatment methods.

Kati vasti is one among the many Ayurvedic rejuvenative procedures, where we use dough made up of lentil flour which is constructed on the affected areas and later filled with warm medicated oils for 30 to 45 minutes.

Ayurvedic kati vasti procedure is continued for either 3, 7 or 14 episodes and is always followed by a good Ayurvedic massage with oils and suitable steaming procedures for better results. You can even undergo a massage before the procedure.

Panchkarma Detox-2

Advantages of Ayurvedic back care

  • It’s natural, gentle and safe
  • Using Ayurvedic medication we can reduce the dependency on other medicine
  • Avoids the development of chronic back pain
  • Prevents further degeneration
  • Prevents the invasive medical procedure and reduces the overall health care burden
  • Helps to prevent the recurrent episodes of back pain
  • Cost effective with no side effects

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