Infertility: An Ayurvedic Approach – A complete natural solution

Ayurvedic Medicine for infertility is based on a different approach. According Ayurvedic system, the reproductive tissue or shukra dhatu either in men or female is an end product of metabolic processes. Sukra Dhatu (tissue) is present in both men and women. In women, it denotes ovum, which is a part of menstrual cycle. While in men, it comes out as semen after being sexually stimulated. Finally, healthy Ovum in female and healthy sperm in males is completely depends on healthy metabolic processes involved.

How can one should have healthy metabolic process is depends on Agni (Dhathwagni). It plays crucial role in coordinating and conducting “Rasa” between the all the seven tissues (Sapta dhatus: nutrient fluid to blood, muscle, fat, bone, bone marrow and finally to the shukra tissue) to form and healthy end product which is “Sukra”.

What are the main causes?

There are many factors which influence the fertility, which include wide range of general health and lifestyle issues. Factors such as Smoking, excess caffeine intake, excess consumption of alcohol and drugs, other medical reasons such as previous cancer treatment, obesity, celiac syndrome (whether it is diagnosed or undiagnosed) and finally age related decline in natural fertility. According to Ayurvedic medicine, if we look for the underlying root cause among all the above mentioned reasons, there is improper co ordination of “Rasa” due to sluggish metabolism, which influences the healthy production of “Sukra” (Healthy semen or Ovum). For example, it is predicted by many modern world researchers, excess caffeine intake will cause either tubal block or mild to severe endometriosis. In case of Obesity, it is also predicted that excess adipose tissue will cause the production of excess oestrogen as a metabolic end product of Insulin resistance. For most of the above mentioned reasons the root cause remains the same.

What are the treatment options?

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As per the Ayurvedic medicine, it always very important to evaluate the root cause before treating the problem. The line of treatment in Ayurvedic medicine starts with the treatment of root cause, which is cleaning the part (Systemic location of DOSHA) of vitiated or imbalanced DOSHA. In this scenario, mostly pitta and Vata will be imbalanced, so It will be good idea to start with VIRECHANA KARMA (purgation treatment) and followed by VASTI (Medicated enema). Following to Shodhana Treatment (Panchakarma or detox treatment) the samana treatment follows. Samana treatment normally includes administration of Ayurvedic classical herbal preparation to stimulate the Dhatwagni (Fire), which indirectly, stimulates the metabolic process for the production of healthy sperm or Ovum.

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