According to Ayurveda, disease or illness is a gradual process and it happens with time and various stages that involves in the process of disease. Every individual is susceptible for this process.

The main purpose of Ayurveda is to recognize the process at early stage by recognizing the warning signs of imbalance in “DOSHA”, primordial elements, that maintains individual health. It is crucial to find the imbalance and treat the disease in early stages, before it manifests as a chronic condition.

Symptoms most of the people that complain such as, mood imbalance, low digestion, irregular appetite, irregular toilet pattern, constipation, persistent body pains and aches over the long period of time and ignored them may lead to DISEASE.

According to Ayurveda “ AMA” (Toxins or Waste Products) is responsible for the DISEASE, which occurs due to the doshic imbalance, signs and symptoms such as lack of proper appetite, coating on tongue (thick and yellow), lack of proper emptying habits and lethargy are early symptoms of accumulation of AMA. The best Ayurvedic approach to bring the balance is to cleanse AMA by various Ayurvedic methods such as fasting, Deepana (Appetising ) and pachana (Carminative ) therapies, in some cases it may need Panchakarma to eliminate effectively. By consulting Ayurvedic Practitioner may be able find the suitable PK therapy according to the Doshic imbalance.


Ayurvedic Seven steps that involved are:

Nidana Doshic Imbalance

(Aetiology) the constant indulgence in the wrong doing, it can be physical, mental, and spiritual. Example: eating incompatible foods, mixing opposite potencies (veerya virrudha). Usually due to poor diet, inadequate rest, pollution and stress are the contributing factors.

Elevation of Doshas

Due to the above factors the doshas become imbalance, which reaches the threshold limit to cause either signs or symptoms.


The aggravated Doshas will be transformed to other locations in the body.


The accumulated Doshas relocates to different regions and causes the increase in AMA (toxins).

Poorva Roopa

(Early Symptoms) Due to the imbalance and AMA it will cause some dis-ease in the system and its function which leads to physical and functional dys function.

Acute Disease (Roga)

All the symptoms will occur at this stage.

Chronic Disease

Due to negligence, and continuing with bad behaviours and eating habits may lead to chronic condition. AT this stage symptoms have take the strong root in the body. This is hard to eliminate and treat.

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