Shirodhara – A blissful Ayurvedic Treatment for Mind, body & Spirit

What is Shirodhara?

Shirodhara is very unique ayurvedic rejuvenation treatment. Shirodhara means: Shiro means “Head” and dhara means uninterrupted or continuous flow, in this rejuvenation procedure some herbal oils, medicated milk, medicated butter milk etc will be poured on the forehead in a particular method for 45 to 60minutes, this will usually recommend for 7 to 21 days.



This rejuvenation method will be beneficial for the management of Insomnia, memory problems, brain-related conditions, headaches, migraine, stress, anxiety, depression and other psychosomatic disorders.

What do we need for this procedure?

The equipment needed for this procedure are, Dhroni- the traditional ayurvedic table made from medicinal wood and dhara chatty: a specific vessel made from either clay or copper to hold the “dravya” (medicinal material ), which could be oil, milk or buttermilk. Ayurvedic physician will find the best suitable medicine or oil based on person constitution or imbalance, sometimes based on the disease and its condition.

Shirodhara at Ayurveda Melbourne Clinic - Jeeva Health

  1. By the application of warm medicated oil to crown the procedure will start.
  2. Tala or Varti around the head will be tied
  3. Gentle massage to head and neck areas with warm medicated oil, and then lie down on the table in a comfortable position.
  4. Fill the hanging vessel with medicated preparation; ensure it flows smoothly down over the forehead or the wick, mainly on the third eye.
  5. By moving the Dhara pot or vessel to and fro, left to right over the forehead for 45minutes without any interruption to the flow and will be closely monitoring the flow all the times.

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By Dr Kumar CRS BAMS (GOLD MEDALLIST), MPH, MHP, Consultant Ayurvedic Physician and Panchakarma Specialist Jeeva Health Pty Ltd