Ayurveda Vajeekarana

Vajikarana (Virile Therapy)

Why some people are physically big and have less sexual energy? Why some people who are frail and sickly but have vigorous sexual energy? Some have sexual relations as often as sparrows and some are infrequent, but some have intercourse like elephant. Amidst the diversity in this area, Ayurvedic medicine has divided people in to four categories.

  • Strong seasonally
  • Gained strength by practice
  • Acquiring strength by other ways like using herbs or Ayurveda therapies
  • Strong by nature (perform like a bull)

Like a bud that attains fragrance in full bloom, semen takes some time to acquire its full potential. Therefore it is advised in Ayurveda not have sex before 16 ad after 70 years of age. Various factors such as anxiety, illness, some therapies or treatments, fasting, fear, sorrow, lack of confidence, excess wasting of energy due to sex, ignorance about the sexual act and feeble interest.

By nature, man is naturally attracted to women necessarily by the effect of aphrodisiac herbs or drugs which are sweet, lubricant, vivifying, augmenting, heavy and enlivening in nature. Ayurvedic Vajeekarana therapy is designed and drafted to increase the stamina and sustain the potency of the man to the level of horse.

Ayurvedic Treatment

Ayurveda recommends having sex with a woman that man really likes at all physical, mental and spiritual level. The women should posses the attractive qualities such as young, pretty, compliant and blessed with auspicious signs on her body. A man with children is like a ramifying tree, which portends auspiciousness and strength. Those who seek offspring’s and healthy sexual life should be continuously taking Ayurvedic aphrodisiacs regularly, which will enhance and protect the sexual pleasure.

Some of the food items that needs to be consumed on regular basis.

  • Roots of sara, ikshu, kandeksu etc and punarnava, madhuka, draksha , Shathavari are essential in promoting strength and sexual power.
  • Black gram and seeds of jivaka, kapikacchu will improve the erectile strength
  • Black gram and vamsalochana promotes the strength and erectile performance
  • Meat soup with coriander, ginger are excellent aphrodisiacs
  • Rice and balckgram soup increases the libido
  • Sastika rice, kapikacchu, decoction of bala, mudgaparni, asaparni and dates enhance the fertility

Libido and sexual potency are not just the out products of Ayurvedic Vajeekaran therapy. A person without fear and illness and eat suitable and compatible foods like Ghee and milk and sleep regularly with women remains sexually potent. It very crucial to have peers with confidence, nice talkative nature with women and good conduct to enhance the sexual capacity.