Leucoderma (switram) also called white patches or vitiligo

Switram is very progressive and chronic skin condition. According to Ayurveda, skin is the most essential sens organ, where vital bio energies like DOSHAS, specifically Vata (Air) and the fire aspect of the body ( Bhrajaka Pitta)reside in the skin (Twak). Ayurvedic words such as are Switra and kilas are synonymous for the similar condition which is also called as Vitiligo in Biomedicine.

The symptoms may vary from simple white patches to red, rose or white colours patches either in one location or even spread all over the body. According to Susrutha it is “ Nirdhista”, it is stable and remains at the skin level, which is even supported later by Madhava and Vaghbhata, whereas, Charka clearly mentioned that when bio energies like vitiated Doshas accumulate in various levels of the body tissues (Dhatus mainly muscle and fat) then it establishes firmly and the prognosis becomes difficult to treat. The curable type has not red hair, pale and elevated towards the centre and of the recent in onset. The type with red hair, long duration (Chronic) and extensive in nature is incurable.

Most common causes according to Ayurveda are, eating incompatible food, ingestion of unwholesome food, sinful activities, unethical conduct and effects of past deeds. According to the conventional approach it is of unknown in origin or of autoimmune in origin.


Ayurvedic Treatment

Traditionally in Ayurveda, Panchakarma will be first line of treatment for the successful treatment of many diseases that were mentioned. Similarly, for Vitiligo as well, the treatment begins with Virechana karma(medicated purgation) followed by lubricant therapy. Client sometimes advised to follow the diet principles, mainly by avoiding pitta aggravating diet such as not eating sour fruits, marshy fish, new cereals, processed food etc. Herbs like Asana, priyangu and malapu will used for internal and externally to get the optimal benefits.

Ayurveda treatments are very safe, natural and gentle, they always nutritive and rejuvenative. Following ayurvedic diet and life style recommendations will results in enjoyable healthy life.

Dr Kumar CRS is a qualified Ayurvedic doctor from India and achieved AYURMEDHA award from Dabur Ayurveda Pharmacy for the outstanding performance at the University level, University also rewards with Gold Medal. He also completed in Masters in Public health and Health Promotion in Australia. He is a principle Ayurvedic Practitioner and Director of Jeeva health pty Ltd based in Melbourne and Canberra.

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