Navar Khizi (Shashtika Pinda Swedam)

Are you stressed? Feeling lethargic? Chronic Fatigue? Do you want have a day with no pain? – Then perfect treatment is Navar Khizi, an Ayurvedic Treatment at Jeeva health.


Jeeva Health is Melbourne based Ayurvedic treatment centre that offers authentic Ayurvedic treatments for wide range of ailments.  Ayurvedic doctors in our clinic are qualified in Ayurvedic Medicine and Registered in Australia with Australasian Association of Ayurveda.

Clinic has both male and female doctors, who can speak in your own language and see things, the way you see it, rather simply treating you symptoms.

What is Navar Khizi ? Ayurvedic Treatment

It is an Ayurvedic treatment that usually goes for 60 to 90 minutes in different (seven) positions.

Initially massage done with suitable Ayurvedic oils followed by an application of warm boluses that are prepared with Navara Rice cooked with Bala moola Kashyam (Herbal decoction) and milk will be gently applied simultaneously by one or two practitioners.

At the end of the procedure, the paste that is made to prepare the boluses will be applied as a coat on the skin. Then the entire application will removed gently and wiped with dry towel.

Once again the warm oil application is done and allowed to take rest before shower or bath.

This Ayurvedic procedure is mainly indicated in muscular weakness, emaciation and general debility, rheumatic complaints, hemiplegia, children with muscular weakness, atrophy and wasting of muscles and neurological disorders.

It should not be done while having infection, fever, swelling, burns or wounds and Ama (lack of proper metabolism or sluggish metabolism.

Maintains healthy skin tone and strengthen the muscles

Ayurveda believes, as skin in the largest organ of the human body, most of the nourishment can be done through it. This treatment in particular improves the muscle tone and keeps the skin glowing and nourished.

Improves circulation and reduce weight

Due to innate methods of preparation of herbs and milk and specific ways of doing will increase the circulation in the body and helps to shred the unwanted fat that is located in certain body parts of the body. It may also help in reducing the cholesterol by inducing sweat.

Pain and Inflammation

Specifically this treatment in Ayurveda is indicated for the pain and stiffness, due to its warm nourishing nature, the pain and degeneration can be addressed and can be able to give good relief for the pain and stiffness by improving circulation locally and systemically.