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In the constipation, the affected channels include large intestine or “Purishvaha srotas”. Predominant Vata dosha (Apana vata vikaram) in the large intestine causes the disruption of the regular function of the muscular layer of the intestine and cause constipation “Malabhdhata”.

The main cause of constipation involves physical and mental factors. Physical factors mainly constitutes dietary. Eating food, which is GURU (difficult to digest), example red meat, cheese etc. eating  fast foods or junk food, irregular eating habits, eating foods with less fibre or less roughage, excess intake of coffee or tea, sleeping late at night. All these physical level factors aggravate VATA in the large intestine and cause constipation. Moreover, it is quite often, we see mental factors such as chronic depression, insomnia, stress, grief and fear are mainly responsible for the disruption of day to day digestive process and leads to constipation.

Other factors such as medicines, old age or other chronic diseases and long term consumption of medicines, laxatives or drugs may also cause constipation.

Ayurvedic Treatment

As it all depends on whether it is acute or chronic type.

It requires a diet and lifestyle recommendations, which mainly includes Vata reducing diet.

In acute constipation, it is better to get Anuvasana Vasti or Oil enema followed by decoction (Asthapana) enema. For better progress it is important to make necessary diet changes and take Ayurvedic herbal treatment which suits to the constitution.

In chronic type of constipation, it is better to start with proper Panchakarma regimen, which includes internal Oleation and external Oleation (Abhyangam = Ayurvedic whole body massage) with viechana and vasti karma. Taking fruits such as pomegranate, prunes, pear and fully ripened banana will be highly beneficial in promoting the softness and reduce the dryness.

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