The human body is a remarkable machine with superlative functionality of sensing, reflexing and responding. An ideal creation, the body is an instrument for expressing the mind and spirit. But the uncertainties of modish life results in disrupting the balance between body, mind and self. For ruling out stress, various Ayurvedic treatments for rejuvenating the system are practised.

Today we would glance through Dhara treatments, special form of relaxation therapies in the field of Ayurvedic medicine. Dhara is a Sanskrit word meaning stream. Adhering to the meaning, the treatment involves creating streams of herbal oils, medicated milk or buttermilk on various parts of the body.

Categorically Dhara Ayurvedic treatments are of following types

  •  Shirodhara: Often called as the ‘third eye’ treatment, Shirodhara involves creating warm herbal oil streams on the forehead, scalp and hair. This treatment rejuvenates the body and mind by tranquilizing the entire nervous system. Very beneficial for Insomnia, sinusitis, depression, migraine, cervical disorders, Shirodhara proves to be an ideal tranquilizer.
  • Thakra Dhara: The Sanskrit word Thakra means buttermilk. Thus, in this therapy, medicated buttermilk is poured over the forehead. Results show acute reduction in psoriasis, digestive problems, headaches and graying of hair.
  • Ksheer Dhara: Best availed in the summer season, this form of Ayurvedic treatment involves pouring herbal oils or medicated milk over the head and body. Used  to cure Vatha and Pittha disorders, Ksheer dhara brings relief in mental tensions, insomnia, headaches and body aches.
  • Dhanyamla Dhara: It is an Ayurvedic massage therapy in which luke warm medicinal liquid is poured on different parts of the body. Practiced for curing various types of spinal disorders, neurological disorders, arthritis, asthma, spondylosis and more, this treatment is a sure shot formula for physical and mental well being.
  • Sarvanga Dhara: Based on the internal body type of the patient, in this Ayurvedic treatment  6 to 7 liters of warm herbal oil is poured on the entire body. It is followed by full body massage. Very effective in curing all types of degenerative disease, this therapy relieves you from muscular pains, joint stiffness, hormonal imbalances and skin diseases.
  • Nethra Dhara: Done for rejuvenating eyes, the treatment involves washing eyes with Triphala water for cleaning the eyes plus removing different kinds of eye problems.
If you feel you are in need of relaxation, go to your nearby Ayurvedic Clinic and get yourself a good dose of the Dhara Ayurvedic treatments!!!