Ayurveda / complementary and alternative medical system  (CAM) is a well recognised as being age old, effective and safe method of health care system for many medical conditions. However, you must recognise that there are limitations and risks associated with all health care products and procedures which you should be informed about.

Ayurveda (CAM) is based on the idea that each person’s path toward optimal health is unique. Any advice given to you by an Ayurvedic doctor / consultant is based on understanding of your unique Ayurvedic constitution and your doshic imbalances.

Individual Ayurvedic (CAM) program may include lifestyle adjustments, dietary changes, herbs and Ayurvedic treatments which can bodily treatments and detox methods (Panchakarma) which will be suggested by Ayurvedic practitioner at the time of your initial consultation.

Clients must agree to pay all accounts within this practice’s specified time period. In the event of late payment the practice (Jeeva health pty Ltd) reserves the right to charge an account fee and understand there is no refund policy existed in this practice for any service provided, including for medicines or supplements sale.

Appointments at Jeeva Health are your especially reserved time and they allow us to plan and prepare for your individual needs. Our main focus is to help you to be best and perform at 100% all the times through excellent Ayurvedic / CAM care.

We certainly understand that occasionally circumstances arise that prevent clients from keeping appointments. It happens to the best of us!

Those who fail to cancel the appointment without notice or miss an appointment will be charged a 50% appointment / treatment fee.

Clients who are off schedule for over a 3months period will require an examination, which will incur an additional fee.

All accounts are paid on the day of your appointment.

Your understanding helps us to better serve the needs of all our clients. Thanks in advance for the cooperation.

Team at Jeeva Health Pty. Ltd.