The ancient Indian science of holistic well being is used as the ideal beauty treatment. The logic of being an inside out beauty holds very true here. If your entire system is balanced, you get the outer radiance in the form of healthy body, beautiful mind and joyful spirit. There are many practitioners of Ayurveda in Australia who not only agree but give these treatments to their patients.

According to the body constitution, there are various skin types. Let’s have a look at all these skin types in detail:

Vatha skin: Vatha means ether element which makes the skin more dry and rough. Vatha imbalance leads to skin disorders like eczema, fungal infection, wrinkles and the likes. For such a skin type, hydrating the body with water and juices is very important. Oil massage prior to bath helps a great deal in rejuvenating the vatha skin type.

Pitta skin: The normal type of skin with slight oil base is due to the pitta constitution. These types develop acne, rashes, rosacea and sunburns quite frequently. Sun protection is must for these skins and one must not take hot and spicy food. Sweet and juicy food items would be beneficial for these skin types.

Kapha skin: Oily, smooth and thick skin type is categorised as kapha type. Pimples, eczema and black heads are common problems of this type of skin. According to practitioners of Ayurveda in Australia, frequent cleansing of face along with regular dose of exercise helps heal this type of skin.

Various Ayurvedic treatments like facial, manicure, pedicure and detoxification processes prove to be excellent help. The best part of Ayurvedic skin treatments is that all the ingredients used in are absolutely natural and made up of herbs, flowers, oils, aromatic spices and plants. The therapeutic qualities of these can be leveraged for allergy free and healthy skin.

There are other treatments available for beautifying hands, feet, hair, face and body care. All you have to do is find a good practitioner of Ayurveda in Australia and fix an appointment. After consultation, you can avail this traditional and superlative holistic skin treatments from the east. So, just be beautiful and get radiant skin through Ayurveda!