Hay Fever: Homeopathy - Jeeva Health

Hay fever is the common name for a condition called allergic rhinitis, which means an allergy that affects the nose. Hay fever is an allergic reaction to environmental allergens such as pollens, dust mite, molds and animal hair.

Some of the symptoms include:

  • sneezing
  • a runny or stuffy nose
  • itchy ears, nose and throat
  • red, itchy or watery eyes
  • headaches

Homeopathy is one of the most popular systems of medicine. The selection of remedy is based upon the theory of individualization. The aim of homeopathy is not only to treat hay fever or allergic rhinitis but to cure its underlying cause.

Hay fever may just occur on its own, but I think the reasons it comes on at different times for different people is interesting and not really easily explained. There was improved quality of life and reduction of conventional drugs in allergic patients treated with homeopathy.