Life Transition Coaching

For: People suffering from anxiety, depression, grief or emotional and mental difficulties.


Who- Petros Galanoulis,

Life transition coaching and support.

Grief, setbacks and disappointments occur from numerous major events such as divorce, death, spiritual awakening, financial difficulty, health and much more. In some cases you may not realise you are grieving leaving you mysteriously depressed, anxious, angry and frustrated.

This can have numerous adverse effects on your health, sex life, family and other relationships, your job and generally weigh your life down.

You can break free from the shackles of grief, depression and anxiety and find meaning in the triggering event and use that to heal, rebuild and grow with greater purpose, clarity and energy.

I have experienced the pain and torture of major unexpected change numerous times Investing in my services, my G.P.S system can be a great asset and investment and support for helping you find yourself and connect with your internal G.P.S, master those de-stabilizing emotions, clear the noise and clutter and help you find and navigate your best path forwards towards your best existence yet.

I have appeared in the media and my personal and professional mission is to be constantly looking at and creating different and unique ways to help those who are ready to breakthrough to a life better than they imagined and to inspire them to action and rip off the veil of illusion that is the victim mentality.

I am a published author and also a practical and inspirational speaker and thought provoker who does work with organisations as well.

Qualifications and methods

Based in Melbourne Australia, he works as a life transition coach, predominantly with individuals who are struggling to find their footing, sense of direction or purpose after experiencing a major and difficult life transition/ event such as a break up etc.

With over 15 years of professional experience and over 30 years of personal experience, he developed his coaching process: the G.P.S. system which is about breaking solutions down and connecting you with your Higher Self, the authentic self to determine a more desired life to build towards for a greater and more meaningful existence.

Has also studied the spiritual philosophy of Vedanta and is also a Reiki and Hypnotherapy qualified practitioner and is further qualified in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Narrative Approach, Solution Focused Approach, strength and conditioning and more.

Registered with


Life Coaching Institute of Australia

Consultation range:

Initial is $90

Subsequent $70

Specialized and custom packages as needed and discussed.

To book /contact Jeeva health on 03 99399474 or call me on 0404 316 316 or email


“I felt lost in my life and wasn’t sure which way to go, this left me with low confidence, after seeing Petros i had clarity, direction and no fear”-Scott M-Kilsyth (for verification

“I was losing confidence in my business, I was beginning to feel like a failure and a broke one at that. The voices of all those that said I couldn’t do it; were coming through. Using his GPS system Petros was able to create not only a shift in my perspective but also within me. As I improved so did my business, greatly!” Kleo. M-Lilydale (For verification