Experience the joy of good health……effect ive & safe treatment with homoeopathy…..

HOMOEOPATHY…….. is a dynamic, holistic, scientific and philosophical system of constitutional medicine & individualistic drug therapeutics, based on the law of similar, with the potentiality of cure in cases that are curable and relieves symptoms in incurable cases.


The therapeutic system of Homoeopathy was developed by SAMUEL HAHNEMANN, a German Physician (1755-1843)-more than 200 years ago, is still valid & most widespread all over the world. Homœopathic treatment is believed to stimulate the body’s ability to fight infection and susceptibility to disease.
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This system is based on the principle of ‘Similia Similibus Curentur’-Law of similars, which means – Let like be treated by likes. It signifies a system of treatment in which the prescription is based on the similarity of symptoms of the patient, to those of a drug as obtained during pr oving of the drug on healthy human beings.

Homœopathy may be used in the treatment of-

  • chronic illness,
  • acute conditions and
  • minor accidents requiring first aid.

It is a complementary medicine and can work alongside conventional treatments and medications where applicable or required.

Homœopathic treatment strengthens a person’s health, acting as a catalyst, stimulating and directing the body’s ability to fight infection as well as resolving any underlying susceptibility to disease. Homœopathy views many symptoms in its quest to treat underlying tendencies to ill health . In this context, mental and emotional symptoms can sometimes play an important part in understanding this susceptibility.

Homœopathy can be of benefit for-all ages,at any stage including pregnant women, mothers, fathers, babies, young children, teenagers, and the elderly.

–      Homoeopathy is known to be very effective, safe & natural alternative medical therapy. It does not have any side-effects. It does not produce any structural damage. It is relatively safe for children, adults, olds & even pregnant women.

–      It has been found beneficial in treating both acute & chronic disorders. This healing therapy has more benefits for every chronic disease, even those that have been considered as ‘incurable’ by other systems of medicine.

–      Homoeopathic medicines are given to the patients in the form of ‘sweet sugar pills’ which are tasty to eat. So, contrary to other tasteless or bitter medicines, children become ready to consume them.

–      This healing therapy is not only useful to cure the chief-complaint of the patient, but also helps in improving overall health with physical & mental well-being.

–      Homoeopathic medicines are aimed at improving the body’s own healing mechanisms to be able to fight the disease. They do not suppress the pain or eruption or swelling, rather it strengthens the immune system. It treats the root cause of the disease.

–    These medicines are inexpensive compared to Allopathic & Ayurvedic medicines & so homoeopathic treatment is very affordable.

–      Homoeopathy is useful even in so called ‘surgical diseases’ like renal stones, recurrent tonsillitis, piles, etc. It helps to avoid unnecessary surgery in some situations. It even helps to support surgical interventions pre & post operatively.

–      It has the king status out of all the other medical therapies in chronic & obstinate disorders like psoriasis, eczema, vitiligo, different forms of hair-falling, ringworm, warts, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, piles, fissures, migraine, arthritis, nervous disorders, diabetes, high/low blood pressure, etc.

–      Homoeopathy is not only curative in above mentioned physical disorders, but it has the affinity to cure even the vast number of psychological/psychiatric complaints/disorders too such as OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), schizophrenia, nightmares, various delusions/illusions/hallucinations, grief, frustration, complaints after business failure, disappointment in love/relationship, etc.

–     Homoeopathy treats a patient as a whole. It does not view a person as a mere collection of body parts, but as an integrated entity or a person as a whole. So one does not have to visit five different doctors for his/her five different body parts.

Homœopathy can treat the symptoms of a wide range of conditions including, for example:

  • Acute complaints – coughs, colds, earache, food poisoning, hangover, travel sickness etc.
  • Chronic complaints – skin conditions, hormone imbalances, depression, headaches, behavioral problems, digestive disturbances, asthma, arthritis etc.
  • First aid situations – bites, stings, hives, injuries, trauma, shock etc.

Your Jeeva Health Practitioner:

Deepika is a fully qualified homoeopathic practitioner with over 6 years of experience in hospitals, dispensaries as well as private practice.

She has completed her Bachelors of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery(BHMS) from Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital from Chandigarh.

About your Homoeopath

Deepika is compassionate and trustworthy. Her vision is to promote benefits of Homeopathy in Australia. Deepika Singla is a Homeopathic practitioner with over 6 years of experience in treating a wide range of health disorders. She is a registered member of AROH (Australian register of Homeopaths) She has completed her Bachelors of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery(BHMS) from Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital from Chandigarh. She has also completed Professional Nutrition, Diet and Health course with Honors from America recognized by Georgia University. During her course of study and internship, she got wide array of experience working with doctors who have experience for more than 20 years. This gave Deepika an ample opportunity to practice on variety of cases and dealing with different categories of patients. While practicing in India she got varied opportunities to setup homeopathic camps in rural areas and provide services to needy people. done various projects in skin diseases in which he has came across variety of skin diseases like eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, vitiligo, warts, etc.

she has experience of practising classical homeopathy and successfully treated variety of patients related to respiratory, gastric, dermatological, orthopaedic and metabolic complaints.

She has also pursued certificate course in-

She has done research work in Orthopedic Diseases, e.g. osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, cervical spondylitis, low back pain, etc.

For consultations Please contcat 03 9440 5091  or emil: info@jeevahealth.com.au