Modern life is full of challenges and many people suffer from the stress related disorders due to the demands of our hectic lifestyles, competitiveness, working long hours, meeting demands and expectations placed on us by others. Living in such a fast paced world it is often difficult to find time to relax. Many people initially seek out yoga as a way to try to overcome the stresses and demands they face in their daily lives. Between work and domestic commitments it is often difficult for people to find the time to nurture themselves.

Taking time out to sit down and read a news paper, watch television, have a cigarette, a glass of wine or a cup of coffee is not real relaxation in fact they are simply sensory diversions and in some cases are stimulating to the body and the mind. Real relaxation can only be experienced when the senses are withdrawn from the stimulus of the outside world and the awareness is directed to the inner world.


Hatha Yoga

When people mention the term YOGA, they usually refer to hatha yoga. The word “hatha” came from the word “ha” which means “sun” and “tha” which means “moon”. Hatha yoga can provide us with the opportunity to achieve this balance through the practice of asana (Physical poses) and pranayama (breathing techniques), relaxation and meditation (Dhyana) practice.

Asanas are designed to improve health and bring energy to the body and mind. Regular practice of yogasana increases will power and concentration, improves vital energy and brings about equilibrium. One radiates with health and a new found confidence though the practice of asana!

Pranayam, on the other hand, is highly vital in the practice of hatha yoga. One needs to master his breathing patterns before he can master his mind. Pranayam regulates the flow of vital energy in the bosy. Pranayam is the practice of conscious breath control. The word ‘prana’ related to the life force or the vital energy. ‘Ayama’ relates to the conscious control of that life force and to the extension and expansion of the vital forces.

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Dr Kumar is an Ayurvedic Doctor and gold medallist graduate from the University of Health Sciences, India. He is also master in yoga with good knowledge in therapeutic values of the yogic postures.

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