T. Kullar, Melbourne
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome With Cervical Spondylytis

Surprisingly best I was diagnosed with pinched nerve in my neck and was advised that I might to have surgery to get rid of the pain and numbness in my three fingers. I had tried all but no improvements, luckily one day I was surfing the internet and come across (Jeeva Health) website I made a call for an appointment. Dr Kumar’s confident and experience made me feel very comfortable and I decided to give this a go. I could barely sit down without crouching and could not laydown on my back without turning my neck sideways. But after one month I started to feel little better, pain started to disappear and numbness started to go away. After three months I was able to walk straight, sit straight and laydown on my back without any issues. Now I feel great and thank you to Dr Kumar for all his support and making this problem go away.

Meryl, Bingle Bay, QLD
Psoriatic Arthritis

My name is Meryl, I'm 57 years old. I worked 35 years as a registered nurse in Australia. My career sadly ended when arthritic pain and psoriasis brought me to a point where I could no longer fulfil me nursing duties. Since this retirement I have followed several courses of treatment and many different prescriptions under advise of dermatology specialists and my GP, including cortisones, steroids and antibiotics. Most of the western medicines had brought about improvement initially but the benefits did not continue. And some caused further discomfort. In an effort to find some relief I started to look at alternative therapies. My husband contacted Dr Kumar three years ago, and following his own consultation mentioned that I had psoriasis, asking if Ayurvedic treatment could relieve this painful condition. I then had a consultation with Dr Kumar myself and found him to be warm and helpful. I followed his instructions regarding dietary changes and exercise, took the Ayurvedic medicines, and applied the topical preparations. I'm very happy to say my condition is much improved. The skin lesions on my palms and the soles of my feet have been transformed from flaky, blistering, burning, painful and red to healthy pink and pain-free. I can walk again! And use my hands without pain! Even my arthritic pain is much reduced. It was a slow recovery and did certainly take rigorous participation on my part. It took up to 2 hours of treatment daily with sometimes messy procedures and oral medicines that were very bitter, but I have no hesitation in recommending Dr Kumar and his Ayurvedic medicine to those willing to put the considerable time and energy into following the good doctor's suggested course of treatments. Yours Sincerely

Dilini, Melbourne

My name is Dilini. I started to get seizures when I turned 9 years old. Though these seizures only occurred through deep sleep and I would not be aware that I am having a seizure until I wake up with a significant migraine. I did MRI scans PAT scans and CAT scans at the Royal Children Hospital but they could not find anything that confirmed that I had epilepsy so my diagnosis was left as a doubt. They however prescribed me Tegretol which controlled the seizures during normal stress levels. During periods of excess stress however, I would get the seizures despite me taking Tegretol. In 2001, the Royal Melbourne Hospital did an EEG scan on me and also found no confirmation of Epilepsy. During the EEG scan it was a requirement to stop my medication. Despite them stopping my medication, I did not have any seizures during the period I was in hospital. They then concluded that I was perfectly normal and that I am no longer required to take Tegretol. Then when my exams came, and my stress levels began to increase, I started to get the seizures all over again and I was put back on the Tegretol, having to take a higher dosage per day than I did prior to being admitted to hospital. In 2005 I was admitted to the Austin Hospital and the scans were then all repeated including the EEG scan. It was then they diagnosed me with Frontal Lobe Epilepsy. I continued to take the Tegretol and continued to see my Neurologist on a 6 monthly cycle. In 2007 after a trip overseas, I had an incident where I vomited my medication. I then had continuous seizers until I was admitted to a hospital where they combat the seizures by injecting the medication directly to my bloodstream. The seizures were then continued to be controlled by taking an even higher daily dosage of Tegretol. Then from August 2008 I began to get seizures during my sleep, during normal stress levels while being on Tegretol and then ultimately I started to get them during the day time. Therefore the Tegretol were not able to control these seizures. These seizures were different to the ones I normally get. These ones involve me having a sense of fear that develops, where my heart starts racing and I obtain a shock that runs throughout my body and then I lose control of my mind. It is a very bad experience to go through and I detest getting them as I am fully conscious when this happens. Since the Tegeratol was not working, I started to get quite worried as I did not have many options left that may help this problem. That was when I decided to try Ayurvedic medication. It was doctor Kumar who treated me. After about approximately three weeks of taking the Ayurvedic medication, my daytime seizures became stabilised. I still however continue to have the night time seizures; however instead of having the seizures every night, there will be one night per week where I have no seizure at all. This is a very significant improvement for me since prior to taking the medication it was impossible for me to drive as I had attacks during the day time. Work also became difficult as my work involves me using a great deal of my mental capacity. After taking the Ayurvedic medication which has combated my daytime seizures, I was able to drive again at the same time work without any problems. I am happy with my progress as a result of the Ayurvedic medication and I am continuing to take it as I am quite optimistic that I will get healed one day as a result of this medication. The oil treatment also helped a lot with its soothing technique which relieved a lot of tension in the mind and helped a lot with the healing process. Dr Kumar now continues to monitor me closely changing the medication during different time intervals as the healing process progresses.

KayMcGrath, Melbourne
Upper Respiratory Tract Infection

I would just like to express my gratitude to you Dr. Kumar, for your kind Ayurvedic service and brilliant treatment in alleviating my respiratory disorder, as well as giving me an overall improvement in my general wellbeing. I have proof of the success of the Ayurvedic way! I will continue to use the medicines and steps given to me to remain in good health. Thank you! Yours sincerely

Ian C Hacon, Heidelberg, Australia
Cough And General Health

Nearly two years ago I caught whooping cough from my son but was not so lucky to have the mild dose that he had in that the feeling in my wind pipe went from the lower section to the mid area where I have had some trouble over the years. When I got stressed this area would become agitated but not to a serious level. However on this occasion it was like a blow torch and very severe. Very quickly I experienced spasms where my air was locked off. I experienced a high degree of trauma as I would wake up around three o’clock and my air was totally locked off and was very hard to clear the air way. My throat also became a problem with severe breathing difficulties to the extent that that I could not sleep and became exhausted and virtually got to the point of wondering if I could survive this. I had to wake my self every 30 minutes to try to prevent blocking of the air way. I went to 6 doctors but they could offer nothing that gave me relief. Cortisone was tried which was just awful. I tried Naturopathic remedies but no real relief. One Sunday I was listening to the radio and heard about Ayurvedic medicine and did a search and found Jeeva Health and Dr Kumar. All I can say is that I owe him my life. He gave me some Tonic, Paste and Powder to mix with honey to stop the spasms and it worked. I was in bed for two months but Ayurvedic medicine gave me the control I needed to recover. I have never been so sick but with out Ayurvedic medicine I wonder if I would still be here. Since then I have had several other problems due to a crook liver. I have had fungi and skin problems and the Ayurvedic oils and tonics have been amazing. On top of all that I have a degenerating spine and started to experience radiating aches down the leg to the point I could not sit still. I went and had the hot oil treatment where the oil bath is applied to the troubled area on the spine and I have not had this symptom return. Once again I am amazed at the results and wonder why conventional medicine wont learn from this? Without doubt Ayurvedic medicine is a life saver and I recommend it to anybody and everybody, what ever your ailment. It is worth a try. Sincerely

Siri, Melbourne, Victoria
Rheumatoid Arthritis

Hi My Name is Siri and I came to Australia in August 2009. I was happy for two months in Melbourne and suddenly severe pain started in different part of the body Joints and I initially went to chiropractor for the temporary treatment and after few months later I visiting the Cabrini Medical Centre in Melbourne and I came to know that I have been diagnoised with Rhemetoid Arthritis. I was on NSAID’s for almost all 1.5 years and found that there was no improvement in my health condition even after taking those medicines and I could not able to perform my day to day activities properly. In the mean time I have been introduced to DR. Kumar in April 2011 through a common friend. After looking at my Medical Reports and my condition he mentioned to me that this can take up to six months maximum extent to see some results. He started treating me from mid of April and with in 3 months my health condition was improved drastically. I took the whole Panchakarma treatment from him and it has brought a lot of positive changes in my health condition. Few weeks after the treatment my arthritis pains has been reduced by approximately 95% and now I can able to do my regular household activities and other work without any issues. I would like to thank DR. Kumar for his Fantastic Treatment towards Rheumetoid Arthritis through which my health condition is back to normal.

Avinashi Saraswati, Yoga Teacher, Canberra
Eye Treatament

Dear Dr Kumar My eyes are much improved and I am amazed at the effect of ghee! I have had eye pain giving me disturbed sleep for around nine months. My GP and specialist sent me for expensive tests with no outcome. Dr Kumar gave me oil up the nose then ghee in the eyes and my strange eye pain is now rare. Thank you Dr Kumar. Avinashi Saraswati,

Joanne – Public Servant Canberra
Ayurvedic Treatments

I recently spent some time at an Ayurvedic resort in India and was very keen to continue the treatments I experienced so was delighted to find Dr Kumar in Canberra. I have a very busy job and the massage treatment centres me within my body and calms my mind so I cannot help but smile. Dr Kumar is clearly dedicated to the practice of Ayurvedic medicine; he is professional, knowledgeable and very kind, with a warm welcoming smile and a cup of herbal tea. The treatments provided by Dr Kumar are one of the most restorative and nurturing things I can do for my mind and body. If you haven’t tried it yet, then I think you should.

Pauline , Canberra ACT
Pain And Swelling In Foot

I first visited Dr Kumar with an injured, red swollen painful foot that had been like that for 6 months. During that 6 months I had a battery of x-rays, MRIs, ultrasounds, blood tests and cortisone injections, yet western medical practitioners still had no diagnoses and no effective treatment plan for me. Cortisone injections did not work and yet the doctors kept prescribing it. This motivated me to search for an alternative treatment and I found Ayurveda and Dr Kumar on the net. On my first visit Dr Kumar diagnosed my problem and devised a treatment plan that I could begin right away. By the 6th day of treatment my foot was no longer red, and the swelling and pain had reduced dramatically. Now 6 weeks later the pain is almost completely gone and the swelling is very much reduced, and the healing process continues. I wholeheartedly recommend anyone who is wanting to try Ayurveda at Jeeva health, or who is not improving in their condition with western medical treatments, or their treatments are not leading to sustainable improvements in their condition, that they pick up the phone and make an appointment. Cheers and thanks

Pat, Preston, VIC
Sinus Congestion

Over the years I have suffered with sinus, especially during Spring and Summer months. This year, I has a severe bout of sinusitis, sitting up in a lounge chair unable to breath easily through my nose. This went on for some weeks. Finally, I went to my doctor, who prescribed antibiotics and nose drops, but nothing seemed to improve the situation. He also suggested I see a specialist, who would probably drain the area. Not being keen to have a operation on my nose, my daughter suggested I try Jeeva Health, a traditional and natural approach. After a couple of weeks of the treatment and herbal medicine. I noticed a big improvement in my breathing. Now two months on, I am able to breath more freely though my nose, and am not waking continually during the night with a dry mouth, as I was for months prior to the treatment. I would definitely recommend anyone with sinus problems, to try the Ayurvedic treatment with Dr Kumar.Thank You Dr Kumar.

Mhadika, Brisbane
Knee Joint Pain

I have been suffering from severe arthritis for about one year. After taking Ayurvedic treatment from Dr Kumar I feel much better with in one and half month. The herbal medicine and massage treatment helped me a lot. I did acupressure and allopathic treatment before but I did have any relief. But now I got 85 percent relief because of Ayurvedic treatment. My doctor Kumar did his job well. I would like to thank Dr Kumar for his help.

Athina, Melbourne

I have been suffering with insomnia for about 2 years and enough was enough. I thought that natural therapies was the way to go. After much consideration and research I found DR Kumar and thankfully I did. Its been a week since my first consultation and with help of herbal medicine and ayurvedic medicinestreatment, I have slept the whole week. Even have dreamt a few times. This has made me very happy. Thanks to Dr Kumar

Sharan, Sydney

My name is Sharan, I was suffering from severe osteoporosis, had lost lot of weight and was quite week. Dr. kumar wise and timely treatment has helped me to come out of it, my GP is so happy with my rapid progress and is astonished, considering the short time it has taken for something as dense as bones. Thank you very much Dr. Kumar

Pan, Brisbane
Abhyangam for genral health

Thanks Dr Kumar for Ayurvedic treatment. ayurvedic medicines was very grounding and felt very well excuted. My body and mind was very relaxed and clear after the treatment. Treatments are fantastic. Thanks and Regards.

Manoj Kumar Melbourne

Due to ergonomically incorrect posture at my work place I am suffering from tendonitis in my right shoulder joint apart from stiff muscles in my neck, shoulder and back since November 2008. Initially I went to a GP and had anti-inflammatory and steroid tablets for 2 Ѕ months but I didn't recover from the severe pain which I was suffering from. I met Dr. Kumar during the middle of February 2009. He prescribed me a few ayurvedic medicines and advised me to have 14 sittings of an ayurvedic oil treatment. After consulting him I went to India for 1 Ѕ months. I was able to feel mild difference within 10 days of taking the medicine prescribed by Dr. Kumar. After coming back to Melbourne I had the oil treatment which Dr. Kumar advised and within 3 weeks I was able to go back to work for 10 to 15 hours per week, after another 3 weeks time now I am able to work 20 hours per week. I am confident that soon I would be able to return to full-time work. I thank Dr. Kumar from the bottom of my heart, because after consulting a lot of General Physicians and Orthopaedic surgeons I understand there is no real cure for a chronic disease like tendonitis. In allopathic treatment they generally advise two solutions – one is steroid injection and a surgery in the affected area. I also understand both of them are not a cure for this kind of chronic problem and out of my experience I sincerely believe that ayurvedic treatment can give best results if it is administered under expert supervision. I thank Dr. Kumar once again.

Sai from Melbourne
IBD - Ayurvedic treatment

3 years ago, at the age of 21, I was diagnosed with a serious inflammatory bowel disease called crohn’s syndrome. After consulting a few gastroenterologists I was put on pentasa which is a VERY COMMON medication used around the world to reduce the symptoms (but not to cure). After a few months of taking this medication I started to experience horrible allergic reactions, which consisted of chest pain, shortness of breath, muscle cramps and etc. I was admitted in the emergency ward for 2 weeks and was kept under constant observation. With no medication my condition was only getting worst and my doctors kept recommending me on taking another powerful immune suppresser called Imuran, which has again terrible side effects. I felt hopeless and wanted an alternative to modern medicine when I came across Dr. Kumar. Using Dr. Kumar’s diet advice, ayurvedic medicinesand exercises in 6 months I was feeling so much better. Its been almost 2 year now and I feel wonder with no symptoms at all. I am a true believer of ayurvedic medicine now and I was fortunate to meet Dr. Kumar at such a critical stage. I would like to give a big thanks to Dr. Kumar on helping me when others doctors couldn’t.

Sinha family from Canberra
Infertility - Ayurveda Treatment

Dear Dr Kumar, there is no way we could ever thank you enough for the confidence and suuport you have given us thtough the journey of bringing our little treasure into our lives. We are so lucky to know you and follow the ayurvedic medicines and the path shown by you. Words will be very less to thank you for your effort and guidance. Thanks You a million times.