Sleeplessness, also known as insomnia is a big problem for many people. According to researchers of ayurveda in Melbourne, new age lifestyle, social obligations, work and stress etc. are major root causes behind sleepnlessness. Acccording to ayurvedic doctors, sleeplessness contributes to blood pressure, anxiety and other problems that have a major impact on your life. “You need to understand what sleep does to your body and the impact its deprivation can leave.”, says a doctor of ayurveda from Melbourne.   Ayurveda doctors say that it is not only the quantity of sleep that matters, but quality is even more important. A proverb goes, “All are not asleep who have their eyes shut.” How true. Experts of Ayurveda in Melbourne have confirmed that round the clock lifestyle, professional  targets are major reasons why people sacrifice their sleep.

Let’s go through the impact of sleeplessness on your life as per Ayurvedic doctors:-

  • Loss of appetite can be observed. As per ayurvedic doctors for some it works the other way round. They start eating a lot which results in undesired weight gain.
  • Loss of concentration. Ayurvedic doctors believe that majority of accidents that take place, are due to lack of concentration due to bad sleep. As per ayurveda doctors memory loss is highly observed in insomniacs.
  • Sleep deprivation takes a toll on one’s mental strength and performance. Ayurveda doctors  believe that people suffering from bad or fitful sleep are unable to carry out their tasks due to decreased ability to think. Irritability is also majorly found.

So, now when we are aware of how sleeplessness can impact your health, professional and social life; let’s also go through some valuable and easy tips from Ayurveda doctors. Some of them are ayurveda experts from Melbourne, who have years of experience in researching on the subject and treating insomniacs.

  • The most precious lesson according to ayurveda doctors all over the world and experts of ayurveda in Melbourne is to understand that human beings are diurnal creatures (creatures that are active during the daytime). It infers that naturally and biologically human body needs sleep between 10 pm- 6 am. That’s the best time to sleep that is good for health. Ayurveda doctors say that for some people, it is quite difficult to sleep early and rise early. If root cause of your problem is sleeplessness at night, you need to make yourself resolute to sleep at night. Ayurvedic doctors believe that taking sleeping pills won’t do any good unto you, because they have side effects. Putting conscious efforts to sleep early for a few days will help you get into the habit.
  • Exercising in the morning will help you keep fit. Ayurveda doctors believe that morning is the best time to work out.  Not to say that you need to go for a rigorous exercise regime. Going jogging or morning walk will also keep you active, say experts of Ayurveda in Melbourne. Taking advice from ayurveda doctors can be a good idea. Many people often ask Dr. C.R.S. Kumar, one of the best ayurvedic doctors, whether working out in the evening is bad for health. He advises that is advised by experienced ayurveda doctors. According to Ayurvedic doctors, exercising in the evening stimulates your body and increases energy levels which might obstruct in falling asleep early.
  • Ayurvedic doctors say that alcohol and smoking are big enemies of sleep. It is advised to keep alcohol and smoking away. It will help you regulate your daily routine in a better and healthy way say researchers of ayurveda from Melbourne.
  • Drink as much water as possible throughout the day. Ayurveda doctors say that it will help  you better your digestion system through purification process. To know more about purification- click here